Best Dog Boots That Stay On | Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

Best Dog Boots That Stay On | Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

Have you ever decided to buy a pair of boots for your precious pooch, only for them to fall off the minute they walk a few steps in them? Well, don’t you worry. After reading this, you might get a comprehensive idea of footwear that will fashionably fit your furry friend. Also, check our anti-slip dog socks & booties review.

Best Non-Slip Dog Shoes that Stay on

1. YAODHAOD Lightweight Dog Shoes

YAODHAOD Dog Shoes for Small Dogs Anti-Slip Dogs Boots Paw Protector with Reflective Straps Lightweight Walking Pet Booties for Small and Medium Pets
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Super soft fleece

Five sizes (0.9 inches to 1.97 inches)

Drawstring fastening for a comfortable fit

Colors – Black, Red, Blue, Pink



Hand washing with soap is recommended

2. PK.ZTopia Dog Boots

PK.ZTopia Dog Boots, Waterproof Dog Boots, Dog Rain Boots, Dog Outdoor Shoes for Medium to Large Dogs with Two Reflective Fastening Straps and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – High-quality fabrics, inner velvet

Seven sizes (1.7 inches to 2.95 inches)

Adjustable fastener straps

Colors – Black, Red


Hand wash and then air dry

3. KEIYALOE Breathable Dog Shoes

KEIYALOE Dog Shoes Waterproof Dogs Boots Protection Paw Breathable Anti-Slip Dog Rain Shoes Adjustable Reflective Straps 4PCS
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Tough nylon fabric

Eight sizes (1.69 inches to 3.15 inches)

Adjustable strap

Colors – Black, Blue, Green, Rose Red


Simply hand wash and then air dry

4. FLYSTAR Adjustable Dog Shoes

FLYSTAR Dog Shoes for Medium, Large Dogs, Waterproof Reflective Adjustable Winter Dog Boots, Anti-Slip Rain/Snow Outdoor Warm Dog Shoes Paw Protector for Running, Hiking, Walking
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Waterproof fabric, natural rubber sole

Three sizes (1.5 inches to 2.3 inches)

Two adjustable hook & loop fastener straps

Color – Plaid


5. KOESON Versatile Dog Boots

KOESON Waterproof Dog Boots Winter Pet Shoes, Outdoor Pet Snow Booties with Reflective Straps, Cold Weather Paw Protector with Anti-Slip Sole for Medium Large Dogs 4 Pcs
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Sherpa fleece lining

Four sizes (1.9 inches to 3.3 inches)

Stretchy gaiter & 2 adjustable magic straps

Colors – Black, Blue, Orange, Red

Waterproof upper

Buying Guide

Before selecting a set of boots for your dog, check out these points:

1. Size

Determine the type of boot best suited for your dog, as different dogs have different paw sizes. A boot that fits a mastiff probably won’t fit a pug very snugly. To know the required size, get your dog to raise its paw while sitting and then measure the thickest part of its paw with a measuring tape. This will give you the circumference of the paw.

2. Grip

An essential requirement of any dog boot is that they stay on your pet’s feet while also not causing discomfort. This will lower the tendency of any attempt to remove these boots by the pets themselves. Detachable velcro straps are a good option here.

3. Durability

The boots should handle wear and tear or usage over a long period. The material used to make these boots include neoprene, rubber, or plastic.

4. Ease of Usage

While this article is about dog boots that stay on, a key reason why boots tend to fall off is that they were not properly put on the dog’s feet in the first place. Boots that are a snug fit will avoid this issue. Boots that are a snug fit will avoid this issue.

5. Washable

If your dog is wearing them indoors also, those boots will be on your dog’s feet a lot and will start to reek. So make sure those boots can survive a date with the washing machine.

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