Best Shoes for Outdoor Adventures | Dog Hiking Boots

Best Shoes for Outdoor Adventures | Dog Hiking Boots

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You wouldn’t think of embarking on a hike without some sturdy hiking boots, so why deprive your furry friends of the same? While their paws may be capable of handling a casual walk, when hiking on rough terrains, there are limits to how much their feet can endure. This is where dog hiking boots will come in handy. Also, check our review of hunting boots for dogs.

Why Do Dogs Need Hiking Boots?

While not necessary, they help protect your dog’s paws against abrasive conditions. Especially if the terrain becomes too hot due to harsh sunlight or too rough due to rainfall, it can be difficult for your pup to navigate through. Hiking boots lower the chances of accidental injury in such situations.

Best Dog Boots for Hiking

1. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots

RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties with Rubber Soles for Hiking and Running
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Breathable mesh

Eight sizes (1.5 inches to 3.25 inches)

Adjustable hook-and-loop cinch strap

Colors – Black, Red, Blue


Hand wash in cold water

2. Hcpet Paw Protector Dog Boots

Hcpet Dog Booties Paw Protector, Breathable Dog Shoes for Small Medium Dogs with Reflective Straps, Anti-Slip Puppy Hiking Boots
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Breathable mesh fabric

Five sizes (1.10 inches to 1.88 inches)

3M reflective strap

Colors – Khaki, Black, Green, Grey Black, Orange Black, Blue, Orange, Red


3. Petilleur Breathable Dog Hiking Boots

Petilleur Breathable Dog Hiking Shoes for Hot & Sharp Pavement Pet Paws Protector Anti-Skid Dog Boots Durable Pet Hiking Shoes for Outdoor Activities
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Soft lycra fabric

Seven sizes (1.58 inches to 3.15 inches)

Adjustable magic sticker strap

Colors – Orange, Red



Soak in warm water and detergent

4. All for Paws Dog Boots

All for Paws Dog Paw Protector Boots for All Seasons, Waterproof Dog Hiking Shoes with Reflective Straps
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Breathable tight weave mesh

Six sizes (1.3 inches to 2.6 inches)

Two adjustable sticky straps

Colors – Green Black


Probably hand washing will be the best option

Buying Guide

To get a clear idea of which boots suit your dog, look at these points for reference.

1. Size

Make sure that the boots you pick are suitable for your dog. Take an impression of your dog’s paw by wetting it and gently placing it on a blank piece of paper. By measuring the print, you’ll know the type of boots to look for.

2. Weight

The boots you give your dog to wear mustn’t make it hard for them to lift their feet while walking.

3. Material

The material of your dog’s boots needs to be able to withstand multiple harsh environments and terrains. Suitable options include boots made of plastic, rubber, and neoprene. Especially the soles must be thick and prevent slippage.

4. Easy to Wear and Take Off

They should be easy to put on and remove, as dogs will dislike wearing them if they are uncomfortable. Boots with velcro straps are among the best choices here.

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