Best Dog Leg Warmers

Best Dog Leg Warmers

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Like everything else, fashion trends will repeat themselves every few decades. This has allowed for the glorious return of the leg warmer – an article of clothing whose name is self-explanatory. They are essentially sleeves covering the lower part of the leg, similar to socks while keeping the foot open. But now, these accessories from the 80s aren’t just for you, with leg warmers available for your dog!!!

While being very fashionable, these also keep your dog’s legs dry and warm while keeping their muscles relaxed during the colder seasons. As the paws remain uncovered, these clothing items do not reduce traction in any way, nor do they restrict movement. Plus, they look so adorable!!!

Best Leg Warmers for Dogs

1. Kitipcoo Knitted Dog Leg Warmers

Knitted Dog Leg Warmer with Rubber Reinforcement Dog Hock Protector Joint Supports Leg Hock Protector Dog Socks Knee Pads for Small Medium Dogs Cats
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Cotton

Won’t fall off easily while running

Colors – Blue Stars, Christmas, Leopard, Zebra

Sizes – Medium, Large, XL

Hand & machine wash both are fine

2. AWOCAN Multi-Pattern Dog Leg Warmers

AWOCAN Pet Leg Warmers for Dogs Cats Knitted,Pet Socks Leggings for Small Medium Dogs Cats,Multi Pattern Fashionable, Clean and Warm
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Breathable cotton

It can also be used as a hock protector

Colors – Black, Blue, Red

Sizes – Small, Medium, Large, XL

Recommended to buy one size big

3. Geyoga 2 Sets Knitted Dog Leg Warmers

Geyoga 2 Sets Knitted Pet Leg Warmers Elastic Pet Leg Hock Protectors Warm Dog Hock Covers Pet Leg Sleeves for Medium and Large Dogs
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Cotton, spandex, & elastic fabric

It keeps the dog warm and relaxes their muscles

Leg warmer won’t fall off while walking or running

Suitable for daily wear, parties, traveling, etc.

Receive four pairs in total. 2 pairs in black color and two pairs in brown color

4. HugeHounds Puttee Tights Dog Leg Warmers

HugeHounds Puttee Tights - Extra Large Leg Protection for XL Big Dogs. Leg Warmer Style
Comfort Level
Durability Score
Easy to Clean

Material – Soft and comfortable

It keeps wounds clean and protects from irritants

Reduces licking of legs

It also keeps bandages clean

Gentle machine wash, then air dry

Buying Guide

Check out these factors before choosing dog leg warmers:

1. Material

The material needs to be soft and breathable so as not to restrict your dog’s movement or make them uncomfortable. Most leg warmers contain spandex, cotton, neoprene, rubber, or similar materials.

2. Elastic

The leg warmers need to be elastic so they are easy to put on and remove while not hampering their ability to walk and run. A sign of good elasticity is whether the leg warmers are stretchable.

3. Size

Knowing which leg warmer is a good fit for your dog is vital because a set that would fit a chihuahua probably won’t fit a bulldog. With the help of a ruler, determine the length and the width of the lower leg of your dog, excluding the paw pad, to know the range of sizes suitable for them. For paw pad protection, check our article on best paw traction pads.

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