Dog Sandals
SUNFURA Breathable Dog Sandals

SUNFURA Breathable Dog Sandals

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Dog sandals are multi-purpose items for man’s best friend. Besides protecting dog paws, they are perfect for a nice casual walk, a light evening jog, or camping during spring, summer, and early fall for the outdoorsy type. These sandals will keep your dog’s feet clean, remaining stylish all the while doing so.

Also, take a look at them – they are soo adorable! These dog sandals will look so cute on your pup’s paws. So, get a pair to match your sandals so that you and your dog can start twinning on social media!!! Also, check our review of cute crocodile dog shoes.

Product Description

These dog sandals are made with a durable mesh wrap that is breathable and allows ventilation. They have a wide split seam opening, making them easier to wear and take off.

The adjustable, self-adhesive straps ensure a tight, comfortable fit. Finally, with the soft, anti-slip rubber sole, you will not have to worry about your dog skidding while running.

SUNFURA Dog Shoes Pet Boots, Breathable Soft Mesh Dog Sandals with Rugged Anti-Slip Sole, Adjustable Paw Protector Self-Adhesive Sticker for Summer


Material – They are made of mesh, with a sole of rubber

Sizes Available – XS, S, M, L, XL

Colors: Pink, Blue, Green

Closure Type – Button-fly


Carefully measure your dog’s paws with a tape or ruler before ordering because of the size. If you follow the size guidelines carefully, you won’t have to face any issues after ordering.

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