Walkabout Compression Sleeve for Dogs

Walkabout Compression Sleeve for Dogs

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Compression sleeves are elastic fabric bands commonly worn on the legs or arms to improve blood flow. Unlike socks, they are designed in such a way that encourages blood flow back to the heart. This helps with leg pain, arthritis, recovery after surgery or injury, muscle sprains, swelling, soreness, or bedsores.

Product Description

They fit either the front lower leg or the rear lower leg of your dog. Walkabout compression sleeves are great for increased circulation and muscle support in the front and hind limbs, reducing swelling. These sleeves are suitable for agile and elderly dogs experiencing early fatigue and needing extra support. It also covers sores that annoy your pup, keeps them clean, and helps with healing time.

The compression sleeve will assist your dog with pain management, promotes rapid recovery, and help to stabilize loose joints. Please consult your vet about compression sleeves and their proper usage before buying one for your dog.

Walkabout Harnesses Canine Compression Sleeve


Sizes Available – Small (2-3″), Medium (3-4″)

Material – Neoprene

Colors – Pink, Black

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